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China University of Geosciences,Wuhan 中国地质大学(武汉)

Location: No. 388 Lumo Road,Wuhan, China | 湖北省武汉市鲁磨路 388号

China University of Geosciences (CUG) is one of the “211 project” supposed universities affiliated with the Ministry of Education of P.R China,and also is the research and education center of Geosciences Resources and Environmental Studies in China It is renowned for the study of geosciences with two national key disciplines: geological resources and geological engineering, and geology. At present,CUG has developed into a comprehensive university offering multiple disciplines with geology, geological resources,environmental studies and geological engineering technology as the main features and the coordinate developments of sciences,engineering,liberal arts,management, economics,law, education and philosophy.
CUG (Wuhan) is adjacent to the national high-tech development zone and China Optical Valley, with scenic East Lake by its side. The Yifu Science and Technology Museum of CUG is the first and only national 4A-level scenic spot among all Chinese universities. The school covers an area of 1,102,003 square meters with a building area of 757,217 square meters. The campus is divided into east campus,west campus and north campus.
中国地质大学是教育部直属全国重点大学, 是国家批准设立研究生院的大学,是国家“211工程”、国家“双一流”建设高校。中国地质大学位于武汉东湖之畔,南望山麓,学校以地球科学为主要特色,学科涵盖理学、工学、文学、管理学、经济学、法学、教育学、艺术学等门类,地质学、地质资源与地质工程2个一级学科入选“双一流”建设学科。